Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Very Merry UnBirthday to Sawyer

It's crazy to think that 6 months ago today this amazing little human that Seth and I created, arrived in this world. I will never forget the first moment I laid eyes on Sawyer. That first deep breath I took while he laid on my chest for the first time. LOVE truly in it's purest form, is the best way to describe it. Sawyer has forever changed me and I  feel so blessed each day to be able to take care of him and watch him grow. And grow he has. Kind of gets me sad to think how fast it's gone. He's such a smiley, happy little guy. Right now he's big on chewing... everything. Seriously today I gave him a new teething toy, he chewed on it for almost a half hour straight.  Yeah free hands for a sec.  He's also into grabbing for and picking up toys while sitting up. He really likes the big yellow block. Just too stinkin cute when he looks down at it and his big cheeks sag. Kinda wanna eat them. Anyhow here's a few photos from the happenings the past two weeks.

Family photos- you'll see more on the Christmas Card

Uncle BJ got married! I was a witness and scored a new auntie

Went to Great Grandpa's in the desert for a quick visit
Hanging with Cheryl

Loving beach walk with his Daddy

I couldn't agree more

Got to spend lots of time with his  Grandpop this past month

Raiders for  life

He's getting so good at holding things and passing them back and forth from hand to hand

Hates Tummy Time, loves to rollover

A stare off between little dudes. This is his friend Quinn.


Hiking in La Mesa with the Brooks Family

He loves to eat his toes

Banana was not a hit

My view from the toilet, gone were the days of peeing alone

Could spend all day outside

Chilling next to the ocean with his Bud Koa

Mommy's Little Helper

Viviana his babysitter

My view from my BFF's party. Sawyer threw his first fit

After the crying a quick photo to capture the evening

Chunky baby thighs

Sleeping like the cute baby he is. Love when he naps

Lunch with his girlfriend Maeson

First time in a high chair

Face timing with Grandma in Florida

Beach day BBQ 

He loves his mum mum's

Sawyer's First Thanksgiving