Thursday, March 13, 2014

Parks and Rec

Been lagging on getting this up… but the Soysauce and I are slowly, but surely making our North County Parks rounds. Another 7 parks visited. Even better now that Sawyer is mobile we are both enjoying our time even more. I have to say sometimes it would be so much easier just to drive down the street but once we get to whatever playground we are going to, I'm so happy that we came. Each park is so different from the next.

On yet another beautiful sunny day. Seth, Sawyer and I hit up Cannon Park. Butted up to the Carlsbad Power Plant and across the way from the beach, this quaint park did it's job bringing smiles to both my boys faces.

Located just across the street from Target and next door to AppleBees in Encinitas... This park is the perfect place to let your little one's blow off some steam, after being dragged down aisles or sitting through dinner.  Or in our case Sawyer's little gal pal Gracie lives just up the street so this is her neighborhood go to spot. While we had fun on the play date, don't think I'll be back to this park. It has everything you need, it just doesn't do anything for me.

When I was in high school Glen Park looked a lot different, now I won't mention how many years later this Park got a major face lift. So colorful and musical too. A feature I haven't seen at any of the other parks that I have been too. I love the grassy hills surrounding but one down side they only have one swing for little ones an that is just not enough.

Orpheus Park aka Dog Park was a mixed bag for me. I love the view of the ocean, the park was cute and I love that people have a place to bring there animals, but kids and dogs together not the best idea.
At peak hour there were at least 20 dogs running in and around the playground and while owners seemed to be picking up after there dogs, the smell of Poop was just to much for me to handle. Perhaps a visit during the day when dogs are not allowed would be better.

 Back at Alga Norte for a play date with his swim buddies Cora and Ella. Ella not pictured.

       After spending way to much time on an absolutely gorgeous day inside, Sawyer and I headed to Macpherson Neighborhood Park in Encinitas. Situated next to the train tracks and right behind downtown Encinitas this park was exactly what we needed. Sawyer was delighted to swing holding on like a monkey and opening his mouth as wide as can be in excitement. While it only has one little playground and a few baby swings it's just perfect for his age.

Well this Calavera Park started off with a thud, literally. It was the sound of me eating crap as I slipped going into the sandbox with Sawyer. All is well except my skinned up knee….but I'll take that over Sawyer getting hurt anyway. This was the first time Sawyer really enjoyed the Tic Tac Tow because he is standing with just a little assistance now. We also meet a few kids who were kind enough to share some of their sand toys with us.

It might just be that I got these adorable photos of Sawyer but I LOVED La Costa Canyon Park. Seriously a general store, even a little bus stop and slides galore. This playground is nestled right between all the houses off La Costa Ave and Rancho Santa Fe Rd. It also has a tennis and basketball court. Now this is what I am talking about when they say Neighborhood Park.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Monster Baby, He's our big boy!

Sawyer is one Busy Busy Bee these days. Crawling wasn't enough for the week so he decided to add pulling himself up on everything, even standing for a few seconds on his own to the equation. 9 months old already and thriving….plus guess what? Still blue eyed. Looks like they are here to stay. Watch out ladies. The SoySauce is a mama saying machine, he also says dada, & what sounds like ball,  lala, A goo and he loves to grunt, growl. We call him our little monster baby.

                                                                     Almost 21lbs
                                                              His first bruise.

                                 This is what I get to wake up to everyday. Feel so thankful