Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh the places he will go!

It's official people. Sawyer is now crawling. Just a few days short of turning 9 months old. Soysauce has decided that it's time to explore. It's only been short distances but it's a start and he'll be cruising around in no time. I actually shed a tear thinking about how big he has gotten. Next thing I know he will be walking, then talking.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Laughing, Loving and almost Mobile

It's crazy to think that soon my world is going to change yet again as Sawyer becomes mobile. He is so close. Trying to climb up on me, on the couch. He just hasn't figured out how to pull himself up on his own. That doesn't stop him from trying to stand as much as possible though. He is currently obsessed with the knobs on our dresser in the bedroom and looking through the sliding glass window to the outside.
Each morning we open the curtains and Say….
Hello World, Hello Sky, Hello Trees, Hello Allan Hummingbirds and her Babies. Hello Grass, Hello Table, Hello Chair. Good Morning World. He just loves it!
We have been busy exploring. Lots of parks of course, the San Diego Botanical Gardens. The beach and playdates with some of his pals. Here are few fun shots I took along the way.

He loves the water
Serious thinker
                                                 Beach Boy

         Poor sick boy. I'm loving the snuggle time though
                                                               This for you Shannon

He loves his Daddy

                                                 Jake and Sawyer are 2 weeks apart.
                                   Monday Park Dates Buddies, Charlie and Jazz
Met Izzy's mom during one of my Parkscapades Adventures with Sawyer
Birthday Girl Addy giving some love to Sawyer
                                       Lil sister Elle loving on Sawyer too. He has love for ages.

These next few photos just crack me up. Babies have such amazing interaction.

                        No caption needed. Sawyer and Maci - 1 and half months older

                          Sawyer and Gracie - 3 weeks apart

                                   He discovered himself in his room and just loves it.

                                            What? Scary how did that happen
                                                                    Baby Selfie

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Definition of Unconditional Love: Affection with no limits or conditions; complete love

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Don't Park Around

Since my last Park post Sawyer and I have been busy driving around town and hitting up parks, some even more than once.  From a Park date with Daddy to play dates with his pals, if you didn't know already the park is the place to be. Well, that is if you are a stay at home and need ways to get yourself out of the house.
Our next check off the Parkscapades list was Stagecoach Park. Located by my old high school La Costa Canyon this cute park is designed specifically for 2-5 year olds. Swings, Sand, Slides and a great open green area to run around. You couldn't ask for more. Love the red white and blue colors too.

Our next Parkscapade was extra special because Daddy decided to come along. After some errands we stopped by Hosp Grove Park. Tucked in the corner between the 5 freeway and the 78 along the Lagoon. I can't believe that I had never seen it before. While small, it's just perfect and I love that it's surrounded by eucalyptus trees and has several trails that I will be cruising on with Sawyer sitting his BOB.

Sound the choir, we need an AHHHHHH! to introduce this next park. Brand spanking new and as nice and you could ever imagine Alga Norte Community Park is now the park to go to. Seriously state of the art.  Impressed is an understatement. This playground is just one feature in this massive new park. Skateboarding ramps, dog parks, Baseball fields and the pool where Sawyer and I were some of the first to take swimming lessons. After lessons a few times we meet with up with his buddy Koa for a playdate.

 I really liked the feeling of Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas from the moment we walked in. The huge gazebo. The open grass. The playground with some unique features I have yet to see. Like a  giant boulder to climb. Little houses and a teater toter. Plus off to the right is a creek with a cool bridge.
I took Sawyer then met up with his buddy Jake for a Valentine's Day photo shoot.

So I added myself to a Mom's group on Facebook. Yeah I'm that mom who just invites herself, but hey
you gotta get out and meet people somehow. Plus it was a Monday PARK date. Perfect. I met some of the moms and there little ones at Sun Vista Park in Carlsbad/La Costa area. This one is actually pretty close to Stagecoach but way smaller. Not even a bathroom. Not so bueno when you have potty training toddlers on hand. Probably won't be back to this one, but not bad if you just walked to it from your house.

S is not just for Sawyer it's also for Sweet and that is the best way to describe Moonlight Beach Park.
A stunning view from the swings and slides and a place you can grab some snacks just around the corner. A summer time must for sure.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Has it really been 8 months

Has it really been 8 months. That's only 4 months to a year. Are you kidding me?
It became even more apparent how fast time is going when we got a text from our friends in Idaho letting us know that there baby girl arrived Saturday. Exactly 8 months after Sawyer.  The moment  your baby is born is unlike anything that you have ever felt. Magical... and while not anytime soon, I can't wait to experience it all over again.

Sawyer was a busy little bee this past month.  We went to swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. He just loves it. Splashing, kicking and even going under the water. It helps that it's heated to 85 degrees, but it is outside. However only two days were in the low 60's otherwise high 60's low 70's most of the time. We also meet a few new friends, can't beat that. Meanwhile the PARKSCAPADES continue adding 4 more for a total of 12 for the month of January. Post on our adventures to come.

Thumper- Sawyer's new nickname. That's because when he lays on this back he kicks one leg up and down in excitement. Even adding in both his arms. He is also pushing himself up on his knees and then to his legs, pretty much on his own. Wanting to crawl, you can see the determination in his eyes, just not quite there. Here are a few photos that sum up our month.

He just loves his daddy. He has started saying da da a lot

When did he start taking up almost half the width of the bed

We sometimes catch him smiling when he sleeps. Warms my heart

Perhaps one day he'll jam with his Grandpa

He can't stop smiling when the sound of Face Time rings and grandma shows up on the other end

You gotta get it done some how

Puppy time

Elena & Sawyer hanging out at the Birdorino Ranch

Taking full advantage of my sleeping baby

Yup people he does cry

My beach boy

Face timing daddy when he was in Utah for a few days

Can't take it. These two crack me up.

He's ready, just needs to put it all together now

Up on everything he can