Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Little Brut

On a mission to well, everywhere. Now 10 and a half months old, Sawyer is eager to explore this great big world of ours. You can see in his eyes his determination and many times frustration. He wants so badly to be walking. That unfortunately comes with some bumps and bruises. Earning him the new nickname of Brutis!
It's been a month since my last post and for good reason. Life has thrown us some curve balls. Teething, Hives, Fevers, Bronchitis for Seth and Pneumonia for me. Finally on the mend, but it was brutal. Before Sawyer it would have been no big deal, just stay in bed till we get better but with a little man to take care of that wasn't always possible and proved to be one of the hardest moments in motherhood I have experienced so far. Not to mention my illness ruined a fishing road trip that we had planned. But the saying goes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Here's our month captured in moments.

  This is the only pic that was clear because he was crawling off or pulling himself up on the couch 
 Pissed, cause I put him down on the ground

When did he get all this hair?
Sawyer broke out in hives, we think from the cinnamon that was in his yogurt. Who's the scared one here? Haha

                     First bike ride with Daddy

    Seth and I have always wanted to take an RV road trip, so we planned it all out and set off. We only got the first morning in before the trip took a turn for the worst.  Sawyer and I got really sick. Fevers, I had the chills and aches and cough, which eventually turned into pneumonia. Thankfully Sawyer was back to his old self after 2 days, but I on the other hand was out for 8.
We managed to capture a few happy shots despite feeling crappy.

    Before we left Seth got a few hours of Fly Fishing In.
                     Driving home with Daddy!

    Down for the count, this was after drove us home 7 hours straight

                     His reaction when he is really interested in something.
                     Carlsbad Flower Fields

Girlfriend Maci at the playground inside the Flower Fields
 Trunks also known as kid confiner's
                                       I love to look in the back seat and see Sawyer looking at me.
                                                                    Hey Mom, look at me
                                                                        Having a Ball!
                                                             Botanical Gardens with Izzy
                         He was the only man for most of the party in a sea full of beautiful ladies! Lovin Life.
                                                               Cheers to Auntie Shelby!