Sunday, August 25, 2013

From Bassinet to Crib

With Sawyer just a week away from turning 3 months old and well the fact that he has grown out of his bassinet, rather than put him in the pack n' play in our room, we decided it was time to test out the crib. I mean we did put together an awesome nursery for him that has mostly gone unused. I gotta be honest I was all for it, but the moment I put him in the crib, gave him a kiss goodnight and turned on the monitor I lost it. Is our little soysauce really big enough now to sleep in a crib? Is it selfish of me to want him next to me every night? There is just something so comforting knowing you can just rollover and make sure he is alright. I know his bedroom is just a few steps away but I'm going to sleep a little heavy hearted tonight. Damn I love my son.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 fingers, 10 toes and 10 weeks old

Ok is it just me or does Sawyer keep getting cuter? 2 and a half months in and life is getting more exciting everyday. He is Mr. Smiley and has begun to discover his voice, making all kinds of ridiculously cute sounds. Seth and I wake up each day and pinch ourselves for having such a happy, sweet little boy. Is he really ours? Did we really make a human? So crazy.
Life has more of a routine now. Feeding, Playtime, diaper change then Naptime and at night he has been consistently sleeping 8 hours. Counting my blessings on that. We look forward to what each day has in store and are just trying to live in the moment. Here are some photos Seth and I snapped over the past two weeks.

                                    Saying goodbye to Uncle Logan as he heads off to College
                                                        Kicking it with Uncle Walker
                                                             Loves his playmate
                                           and loves his baths, just not when he has to get out.
                                                                      Pool Time

                                                                   Country Boy
                                                              My favorite time!
                                                                        Bath Time
                                                           Those Eyes, those lips...

                                                              Concert in the park

                                                                 Tummy Time

                                                               Auntie Summer
                                            Cousin Merrick holding Sawyer for the first time

                                                     Meeting Auntie Lily for the first time

                                                                 Buddha sleep
                                                               Such a strong boy

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wellness Check!

Well I am happy to report that Sawyer is one healthy, happy little dude. At his 2 month wellness check up he weighed in at 12lbs 10oz and is a long 24 and half inches. That's in the 99 percentile of height. We are going to have us a tall dude. Yeah! He also got his first round of vaccinations today. Boo. 
Gotta be honest I was so nervous for him, but he was a champ. Only crying for a minute after getting the shots. Sadly about 3 hours later the poor guy seemed to be in a lot of pain crying for over an hour and his little leg was red and a bit swollen. It's such a helpless feeling, but I consoled him the best way I could. Holding him tight and singing to him til

l he fell asleep. After a good long nap little Soysauce was back to his old self. Happy and smiley as ever. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy 2 months old Soysauce!

August 1st and Sawyer is officially 2 months old. It's going way to fast but it's really fun to see him coming out of the well, kinda blob stage. He is now smiling a lot and responding to us when we act like fools in front of him. Kinda funny what little ones bring out in you. Soysauce has gotten so strong he is holding his head up on his own and loves to stand on his little legs. It's funny, he looks like a bodybuilder flexing when trying to hold himself up. He has his 2 month wellness check up on Monday, shots boo, and we get to find out how much he has really grown. If I had to guess he is probably weighing nearly 13 pounds. We gave him a bottle for the first time, took right to it and Dad got the chance to see what it was like to feed him. Not exactly but you know what I mean. And he slept through the night, just this week a whole 8 hours. Mom is ecstatic.
We are so thankful for such a happy, content little dude.
                                           Maybe one day I'll be a designer like my daddy!

                                                    Loves him some beach time and babes!

                                                              Surrounded by ladies!
                                                       His favorite position to chill in!
                                                                    Umm Really?

                                   This is how infants hang, carseat dude time! This is his buddy Jake.
                                                          First Bottle and Daddy time!
                                                                 He's so strong
                                                           Loves to stick out his tongue!

                      Del Mar Racetrack, the kid brought us luck and we won the first two races!

                                                              Mommy snuggle time!
                                   More carseat hangtime, with one of his girlfriends Gracelynn!
                                              Flirting with the ladies already, I am in trouble.