Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My heart so full of love

I have a tendency to be a bit on the cheesy side but seriously I am soooo in love with Sawyer that sometimes my heart actually hurts. I joke with Seth that I am having an affair, because he fulfills a part of my heart that I never even knew needed to be filled. I feel so blessed that I get to stay at home with this little guy and watch him grow. He makes me smile and laugh more than I ever have in my life.


Saturday, January 18, 2014 Along

4 more parks checked off the list on our Parkscapades adventure and well there would have been a few more but that bug that's been going around hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily for Sawyer it was just a little runny nose.

Holiday Park in Carlsbad makes number 4. I see this park every time that I drive the 5 north and have actually been to this park back in my junior high days. If you can get past the sounds of cars zooming by from the freeway above... this park located on the east side off the Carlsbad Village Dr. exit is actually pretty cool.
The first thing that you notice when you pull up is the huge trees that act as a canopy for the playground and the surrounding park. Nothing beats a tall tree that you know has some serious stories to tell.  I also love the fact that it has rock climbing wall, and a mini zip line for the really adventurous little ones.

He wasn't to sure about the Grass! Love his pouty face

I figured after several days of hibernation on my part from being sick, we'd venture out to a new park. So while out for an appointment for Sawyer I googled the closest park and Hidden Canyon Community Park in deep Carlsbad is what came up. So happy I did because both Sawyer and I made a new friend.
Crystal and her daughter Isabella who is just a few days older than soy sauce. I see playdates in our future.

So serious at the park. Lots of new things to check out

Swinging with his new friend

Poinsettia Community Park is just up the street from our house and while I love the fact that they have tons of tennis courts, a soccer and baseball field and huge open green spaces the actual playground gets a C- in my book. I mean seriously what park doesn't have swings. So Sawyer and I just took advantage of the 80 degree January day and laid out a blanket in the shade, put on some tunes and chilled. It's afternoons like these that make me thankful for being able to stay home with him.

 Our go to park right now is Aviara Community Park. Tucked in between track homes... It's just a quick 5 minute drive down Poinsettia from our house. I just love how clean and new this park is and it offers everything you'd want but a sandbox, and I'm OK with that since Sawyer just loves to put everything in his mouth right now anyhow. This park is also where I am seriously considering having Sawyer's first birthday party. I'll keep you posted on that. Unfortunately it's not just a show up day of kind of place, gotta reserve the space so well have to see.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's A Park Life For Me!

Staying at home with Sawyer everyday is a blessing, but sometimes I find myself trying to think of new ways to keep him entertained. Being that we live in Southern California and the weather here is nice enough to go outside almost 365 days of the year. I decided to take on a challenge. This year I will try and visit every playground/park from Oceanside to Del Mar. I mean why not. This gets me out the of house, gives Sawyer the chance to explore and ultimately makes us both happy. In Carlsbad alone there are almost 20 parks. So I have my work cut for me. So far, 3 parks down.

Pine Avenue Community Park nestled just blocks off the main drag in Downtown Carlsbad was our first stop. I've actually been to this park several times because my girlfriend Alana who lives just down the street, takes her boys there. Now that Sawyer is old enough to start enjoying it I figured this would be the perfect place to start off our Parkscapades.  While we may be limited at the moment to swings, slides and those little animals they can bounce on... Sawyer seems to really enjoy taking it all in, just as wide eyed and curious as can be.

In need of just getting out of the house. I grabbed Sawyer and headed to Leucadia Oaks Park off Vulcan for our second parkscapade.  I remember driving past it a few times, thinking it looked pretty cool. Turns out I was right. The playground is great.... the usual stuff, but what really got me excited was everything else. In such a small area they managed to jam a volleyball court, basketball court, mini skatepark, a picnic area, a big grassy area and even a few other quant spots without making it feel claustrophobic. Excited to bring Sawyer here as he gets older.

Can't beat the location of this next park. I mean the ocean is quiet literally your playground.
Powerhouse Park, located right off coast highway in Del Mar will definitely be a place Sawyer and I frequent. I met my girlfriend Alyssa for a playdate with her two little girls. Addy (almost 3) and Elle
(almost a year and half).  The small but perfect area offered everything we needed for a great playdate  A few swings... sand, slides and some picnic benches. What a great January afternoon. If they only knew just how lucky they are.

Oh and Seagulls too.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

It's like I blinked and the month of December was gone. Anybody else feel like that?
I remember my mother always telling me that time went by so fast especially when you have kids,
and boy she was not kidding. In all the madness of the Holidays.... buying presents, parties, family gatherings we managed to sneak in a few firsts for Sawyer.

- First time in a swing
- First time in a big stroller facing forward
- First Christmas Tree
- First time meeting Santa
- First time at Disneyland
-Oh and the Biggie- FIRST TOOTH

Now 7 months that's right I said 7 months old, he is sitting up pretty much unassisted, circling and scooting around and lunging forward, forgetting that he is not quite strong enough to hold himself up like that and face plants. He likes to stand any chance he can get and is the happiest when outside exploring. He has always been super smiley but this month he has been giggling more than ever. Usually our unintentional faces and motions. Its so awesome to see his personality really starting to blossom.

Seems like such a big boy sitting up in his highchair.

Swings for the first time!

First Time at Disneyland, Thanks Auntie Jeannette & Theo

Hanging with the babes at our Christmas Gathering 

Getting our tree as a family of three now

Beachwalks with family a weekly routine.
Had way to much fun with the Santa Hat! This kid loves to ham it up for the camera.

Naps are a must in this household.  Out Cold.

Santa! He did great. Not like I secretly hope. I can't help but love the crying baby photos

Those Cheeks!

Christmas at Great Auntie's. Chilling with Godfather, Great Uncle J

I totally get what your saying Great Grandpa

My Sweet Potato loving boy 
Christmas Eve story time. Twas the Night before Christmas, read by this cute bear. He was in awe.

Christmas Brunch with the Watts Family
Christmas Dinner with The Neville Family

Christmas Brunch with Cousin Merrick

Still rocking bath time, See ya Later 2013!

We are very excited for this year. We already have lots of fun things lined up.
Weddings, and by weddings I mean 5 and 2 out of the country. Camping adventures, day trips here and there and maybe a museum or too. Here's to hoping 2014 brings us all good luck and good fortune.