Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where have you been? Don't ask, I have a TODDLER.

So I fell off the radar if you didn't notice. Been busy chasing after this thing I now call a TODDLER.
What is that? Everyone always said that the adventure began when they started walking, and boy were they right. This kid is definitely giving me a run for my money. From the living room, down the hallway, into the bedroom and back we go. Then outside to the water table, in the car, and loop around the neighborhood, then it's time to eat and then so on and so on and so on. Kinda missing my baby right about now… but in case your wondering, there are no plans for number 2 anytime soon. I will say though that this stage is a whole lot of fun. Beyond the back and fourth, Sawyer is a bowl full of laughs and smiles. Trying to communicate like crazy and pointing to everything humanly possible. He understands exactly what we are saying and is starting to talk more. Boat, Dog, Duck, Ball and of course Mama and Dada. It's so amazing to watch him think about it and then try and say things. From Aquariums to pools, the safari park and splash pads, parties, family in town and more we have definitely kept busy. Here are a few moments captured from our adventures.

         Just call him Mr. Pointer, this was from his first visit to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.

                                 Pool days are a must, with all these hot days. He loves it.
                                                        Doing his best Tai Chi move!
                                           Hanging with Dino at the Botanical Gardens
                        Fists bumps to his buddy Quinn! Will miss ya buddy. Have fun in LA.
                                                                       Yup he's mine.
             First time in a bouncy house and the day he decided that crawling was a thing of the past.
                                                   Learning to eat with a Fork!
                                                          Drums with Grandma!
                               His new backpack that Daddy brought home from Vietnam!

                                                                     Beach Days
                                         Auntie Shannon and Sawyer are the best of buds!
                                         Pretty much how he wakes up every morning!
                       So much fun with Grandma at the Safari Park.

                                                First time at the San Diego County Fair was awesome!

 Who ever came up with the idea of a splash pad is a genius. So much fun.

                      Nakie time!

                        Love these moments. I'll take them while he still is willing to give them.
 So many 1st birthday Parties, so little time.
 Now 13 months Sawyer finally went to his 1 year wellness check and he is healthy as can be, minus the bug bites you might notice on his face. Thankfully they have since gone down.
He has tripled his weight since he was born. Weighing almost 22lbs and is 31 inches long.

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