Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer's Over, Kinda

16 months and getting bigger and smarter everyday. It's crazy….I mean CRAZY how fast time has gone. So many people I know have recently had babies and as soon as you hold them, you realize how big your little guy really is. I will say that the first year is amazing but everyday it gets more fun than the next. Sawyer is so busy discovering everything, he literally gasps in excitement about the simplest things. A train passing by, a plane overhead, the dog across the street or the duck in the parking lot. (Yeah our Ralph's has a local flock, its super cute) Being able to stay at home with him, gives me the chance to really get out and explore our area. Parks, Libraries, Beaches. There really is so much to do, and a lot that is FREE. That's the best part. We do have a yearly pass to the Botanical Gardens. One of Sawyer's Favorite places. (check pic below) It offers so much from story time to fall festivals it really is the perfect toddler spot. Sawyer has put some miles on his belt and a stamp in his passport, we traveled to Cabo and Lake Tahoe for weddings. He also visited with lots of his little friends and got quality time with his family. The Summer of 2014 was good to us. Now we have started music class and continue to explore. Till next time.  xoxo 

Botanical Gardens- a regular hang out spot for us

Concerts in the park

Jamming with Grandpa

All the fun sometimes ends with a bruises and bumps

Hanging with Auntie Chirstine

Zoomars Petting Zoo

First Lollipop! 

Children's Discovery Museum in La Quinta

Cousin Justin out for a visit

Happy Birthday Lily! 

He took right too it! Imagine that

A little one on one time with his girl Maci

Taylor and Sawyer at the waterfront park in Downtown San Diego


These moments don't happen as often as they used too. Cherish them

Activity boxes

Story time at the Library

Lake Tahoe

Dana point Baby Beach with Theo

Del Mar Beach with Addy and Elle

Auntie Hil and Maci beach day in San Clemente

You can always find a way to stay connected. FaceTime with Uncle Lucas

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